DeltaSiege_Island_8_Way (20×20)

Version originally designed for KOTH or FFA has many other uses.

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1v1 2v2 3v3 6p+
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Good metal spots in the middle of the map
The central plateau metal spots are rich high above average – drain over 3.7 of metal, while the beaches are swarmed by loosers (~ 1.0 of metal). The cliffs have standard bearings.
Bot Veh
Vehicles would seem better, but the rate of climbing the central plateau makes their main paramater – speed – irrelevant.
Hover Ship
The use of water “tools” a lot depends on the starting position of the players. If you start in the sea, the game can be decided by just one insidious submarine. Otherwise well-terrestrial warrior is endangered only by ships from class BC (battle cruisers) and their construction time couse its alomost impossible build them undiscovered. Hovercraft can surprise you as well, cost much less and can be used in combat against units tech_level 1 on the ground.
Take center metal spots
By capturing most of the metal on the platform you can achieve the sufficient economic advantage. Still watch enemy, if he build hovercrafts. In this case, he can pretty easy destroy your base from the sea, and not much can be done against. Such attacks are usually fatal.
Whether you play KOTH FFA or KOTH in teams, it is important to occupy the “hill” and all available metal spots (even for a short time, it is worth it) and sometimes ventilate background of the enemy with some quick ground attack on the beach. It can handle small 10-15 PeeWee_ARM/a.k._CORE squad just fine.
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