Monthly Archives: February 2013

Broadsiding with ships

Godde's strategy guide

Some ships tricks this time. See more in Great Godde’s NOTA Strategy Guide!

Pow’s psychadelic NOTA relax

For this video you need special mood and strong eyes, but you need to see it, too! Just for free NOTA emotions.

Using radar and radar shadows

Godde's strategy guide

First from series of Godde’s video manuals, part of the Great Godde’s NOTA Strategy Guide!

Early vehicle harassment

Jeffy and Weasel micro

Jeffy and weasel got enough LoS to avoid enemy units if you pay attention to them. They can harass outlying mexes and relay the position of the enemy comtower for a cheap price. Their slope tolerance is higher than other vehicles so they can go on places where other vehicles can’t go. If you keep microing them you can force the defending player to tie up his forces defending rather than harassing you.

Jeffy - Fast Attack Vehicle Weasel - Scout

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