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Kmar wins the End of Summer Tournament

Congratulations to Kmar for Winning the tournament He was followed by Danil_Kalina in second and CommonPlayer in third. You can see the final bracket. As well as the live stream games on Shadowfury’s channel

Thanks to everyone who showed up.



NOTA End of Summer 1V1 Tournament

Its time for another 1v1 tournament, This one will be on sept 27th (A week from the posting of this) You can sign up here: all competitors will be required to check in 30 min before the start time of 16:00 GMT

The day of the tournament just join the room with the player “NOTAtournamentLOBBY” then we will invite you to your proper matches.

Thanks, Polar
tournament dictator

(for those asking for a 2v2 tournament wait until January 2015)

Message to spammers

Page is back

Yes, NOTA page is back from two days hybernation. Like people feel bad after whole night spent with vodka or [noob]MrPwn4Lot_, our page feels a bit weak after few weeks in which have been spam sender for whole world, but especially for Nike and Goddes H&M. We wish better dayZ to our lovely page in upcomming months when new storm of news from notAspace will flood the world.

Btw nice end of summer to you all!