Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Kickstarter project!

Not Original developers are much faster then before. They offer you free remake of the game, that is not finished, yet! Admirable dudes. And now, here is the star of this night: Not Original Planetary Annihilation – N.O.P.A.!

Not Original Planetary Annihilation

Btw, first $1500 for the project we get from Licho’s account, from your money Spring players! Thank you!

For Mankind!

Some people thinks we are the most advanced creatures in the space. Such stupid idea! Tell the Kroggy.

One giant leap

NOTA gamepack v8.2 with NOTA 1.69!

NOTA game pack v8.2

New game pack V8.2 for Windows users including latest game + NotaLobby RC3 3.0 + last stable version of engine Spring and many prepared features as widgets in gamepack.

New NOTA with first MISSION! Test before final release!

Transportable Tower Defence

In few days you get new NOTA version and new gamepack. For impatient NOTA fans we made test game version NOTA 1.69b, that contains the most of the news listed below. And dudes: There’s cool mission for you and your friends!

DOWNLOAD: game v 1.69b (36,8 MB) (last test version, revision 58)

NOTA v1.69b

  • fixes of air-transport unloading bugs (Spring 91.0 ones)
  • TTD: new attack unit added
  • NOE: better behavior of main battlegroup

NOTA v1.69a

  • Eagle and Vulture (radar planes) have radar ON when built by default
  • dragon teeth models of both main sides are a bit bigger (before: 1/2 of OTA/BA teeth, current: 3/4 of OTA/BA teeth) and their mass changed from 49 => 1600
  • CORE tower AA beam now shoots only lowVTOLs, too, as ARM missile one does
  • experimental: heatmapping ON (low level) for most of the types of units to avoid “grouping” in one path
  • EMP paralyzation effect now appear when current health of unit is reached, not when the maxHealth reached as was before (default)
  • reclaiming works more gradual now – you get resources not at the end, but after every 1/4 of reclaim, for features and dead units works the same
  • old player_killed messages working again (f.ex.: “Team 1 (danil_kalina) has been terminated”)
  • “pirates” and “spacebugs” startoptions removed (pirates subproject abandoned, only pirates mission will be created, spacebugs mode can be played by adding Spacebugs AI)
  • added support for missions and NOE AI modifications
  • NOE: enhanced build decisions for late games
  • + NEW MISSION: TTD (Transportable Tower Defence) – alpha test