Monthly Archives: June 2013

Different taste…

Everybody look at things differently, and with danil spamming me with new beta/alpha versions of his cool lobby every week (with long boring fight about things i want differently) i couldn’t resist…

Its just a joke so please don’t get upset. And danil YES your lobby is amazing. <3

New Not A Lobby – 4.2

notAlobby 4.2

New lobby version is on the roof.
  • UI – Remove Tray Icon for Linux
  • ADS – Fix: Bird Eyes are watching you every time you launch lobby
  • Messages – Fix: You don’t see your own messages
  • Connection – Fix: You can’t join to battles due to your login name is not match server login name( pow[nota] and pow[NOTA] )
  • BattleRoom – Fix: Some autohosts kicking you because of spam protection
  • Sound – Make playing sounds like playing taunts
  • JoinGame – Fix: HOST bug in Battle List ( in game name column is battle title )