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Godde ante portas!

For people who don’t know what was Godde doing in last weeks I have to say: Yes, this is really not a joke!

No one is safe

For people deeply interested in Godde’s stuff and notAjoke! here is small survey:

Survey at NOTA joke 07

Survey closed at 1. 10. 2012.

NOTA gamepack v7.2 with NOTA 1.681 and Nota :: Lobby 3.0!

NOTA game pack v7.2

New game pack V7.2 for Windows users including latest game + NotaLobby 3.0 + last stable version of engine Spring and many prepared features as widgets in gamepack.

Casus belli

Do you know why CORE and ARM ruined whole galaxy? What is the reason for such eternal struggle? We know it!

Why we fight

Truth about downloading

In dark nights, when bored of killing noobs, AI N.O.E. thinks about important things.

Real Knowledge