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2016-2017 backshot

Under time pressure I would like to very fast mention all our successes in last two years:

  • NOTA surivived upgrade to Spring 103.0 during 2016 and upgrade to Spring 104.0 in 2017. You already noticed that first round of upgrades was accompanied with the Tournament (see posts below). It ended up by release of NOTA 1.92
  • We have celebrated nota’s 10th birthday on GDS 2016 by meeting people from 5 Spring projects on one place. Ten people (developers or even legacy players) made great show and also saw each other for first time. Check photos1 and photos2
  • In coop with BETS team from the Charles University we released awesome AI tool for all Spring games –
  • New webpage is growing aside of this one (thats why we do not update this much :))
  • We have celebrated nota’s 11th birthday with successfull presentation on GDS 2017 – check our great rollup 😉
  • First students used our AI tool for passing their studies. Check presentation (300 MB) of one of them (especially video with nota behavior in action in last section)
  • We started regular coop with Jakub Gemrot from . Jakub spreads the word of NOTA on Charles University and in 2018 students will play NOTA and develop AI for it as part of one semestral course.
  • We had first public AI presentations. PepeAmpere was speaker on 2016 and with same presentation he was speaking also on in Game dev hub Prague.
  • With huge lobby support (thanks to Danil) we launched a treeMarket – place where people can exchange their behaviors via in-lobby integrated AI packages manager
  • PoW was main power in production of cool promo materials (posters, new intro videos for nota, s44, AI conference etc.). Hundreds of hours spent on tweaking the videos every detail cost him a lot of valuable endrophines.
  • Danil integrated Steam into our lobby and worked in parallel in preparing the independent infrastructure for future NOTA II launch
  • As result of our assist with Spring: 1944 project release on Steam we improved the architecture of both projects – sharing libraries, sharing UI module, debugging tools
  • Back in 2016 Pepe + Danil + PoW met on game-jam and at this event they discovered Ben McCulloch, sound artist – later author of all new sounds in new lobby and awesome Dog Song. :mrgreen: