Monthly Archives: April 2014


What about a nice game of 2048. With NOTA Goddes.

Play it, play! Ejoy day! Free to play, so no pay! If bored, play different one, which not gay, as well, yay!

Deadly disease


Hard to talk about something such horrible as is notAcancer. Hard to talk about something bad, if talking about bad things is forbidden. If just talking or linking spread notAcancer, how we face it!? Truly Catch-22.

notAcancer sample

Third window missing, rules are same as before. Here is window sample, fill it as good you are able. The best window become official 3rd window of this strip.

CORE of ARMy remodelling

Are you confused from title? Thats correct! This post will just about crazy screens from one NOTA re-modelling action. But it is not only about fashion, it direct eye under skin of new NOTA.

Peewee, Rocko, Hammer

Click on first image to see fullsized screens. Thanks to smoke fumus for directing this show!

Peewee, Rocko, HammerPeeweePeeweePeeweeRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRocko

Help and Hunt

What da fuck?

Our dear friend Forgotten Angel is now it the middle of his another performance show. Sadly or happily, it affects all of us, not just his own game, whole Spring games community reputation. Continue reading