Tournament rules

Rules for Normal Map 1v1 tournament

Resources \ settings

  • Start Energy: 1000
  • Start Metal: 1000
  • Max units: 500
  • Mode: Team Commander ends (kill enemy central tower)
  • Disabled units: none
  • Map Line up: Tournament Dependent
  • NOTA Version: 1.80 Spring 94.1
  • Spectators are not allowed how ever all matches are going to be live streamed

General Rules (Based off Common Sense)

  • No bonuses
  • No hacks\cheats\glitches
  • IF a player drops within first 10 mins, game may be restarted, if they drop after that the game will be paused.
  • IF a player has an incorrect setting or horrid bug or some sort, this must be mentioned within the first minute of game start, match can be restarted. The player has then a maximum of 5 mins to correct this.
  • If a dispute arises, It will be judged by the organization team
  • Games may NOT be hosted by players. Only an autohost or someone who is approved to host.
  • If a host crashes mid game it may be restarted unless there is a clear winner.. And i do mean CLEAR.
  • Anyone participating found to be blatantly bending any rules for an unfair advantage or found undermining the success of the tournament will be disqualified.


  • Bragging rights….
  • (prizes will happen if we have more of these)

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  1. pow says:

    I see no rules about godde… obviously its an issue as we can 100% predict winner before we even start.

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