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Welcome on NOTA home page.

The page and whole project is under permanent reconstruction, but this doesn’t block you from playing game with us! Search for downloads and we hope we meet each other in our battle-rooms.


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    2016-2017 backshot

    Under time pressure I would like to very fast mention all our successes in last two years:

    • NOTA surivived upgrade to Spring 103.0 during 2016 and upgrade to Spring 104.0 in 2017. You already noticed that first round of upgrades was accompanied with the Tournament (see posts below). It ended up by release of NOTA 1.92
    • We have celebrated nota’s 10th birthday on GDS 2016 by meeting people from 5 Spring projects on one place. Ten people (developers or even legacy players) made great show and also saw each other for first time. Check photos1 and photos2
    • In coop with BETS team from the Charles University we released awesome AI tool for all Spring games –
    • New webpage is growing aside of this one (thats why we do not update this much :))
    • We have celebrated nota’s 11th birthday with successfull presentation on GDS 2017 – check our great rollup 😉
    • First students used our AI tool for passing their studies. Check presentation (300 MB) of one of them (especially video with nota behavior in action in last section)
    • We started regular coop with Jakub Gemrot from . Jakub spreads the word of NOTA on Charles University and in 2018 students will play NOTA and develop AI for it as part of one semestral course.
    • We had first public AI presentations. PepeAmpere was speaker on 2016 and with same presentation he was speaking also on in Game dev hub Prague.
    • With huge lobby support (thanks to Danil) we launched a treeMarket – place where people can exchange their behaviors via in-lobby integrated AI packages manager
    • PoW was main power in production of cool promo materials (posters, new intro videos for nota, s44, AI conference etc.). Hundreds of hours spent on tweaking the videos every detail cost him a lot of valuable endrophines.
    • Danil integrated Steam into our lobby and worked in parallel in preparing the independent infrastructure for future NOTA II launch
    • As result of our assist with Spring: 1944 project release on Steam we improved the architecture of both projects – sharing libraries, sharing UI module, debugging tools
    • Back in 2016 Pepe + Danil + PoW met on game-jam and at this event they discovered Ben McCulloch, sound artist – later author of all new sounds in new lobby and awesome Dog Song. :mrgreen:

    Nota Spring 2016 Championship Stream

    Click on the image and be taken away to the tournament stream!

    Spring Championship 2016

    The time has come for tourney season to kick off, And what better way to start than a new nota tournament. I am proud to announce registration for the Nota Spring Championship 2016 has now opened!

    Be ready for April 9th when some of the newest and best nota players go head to head trying to be the one true champion of 1v1. Select games will be expertly live streamed on the nota youtube channel.

    So, what are you waiting for! Click the registration button below and let the fun begin!

    Robotic Overlord

    New Servers

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Today we are proud to announce we finally have proper game servers. Long gone are they days of random crashes and 400ms ping rates. Everything is now running on a high end AWS server based out of Ashburn Virginia, USA. This day marks the start of a new era of nota as the player base expands and a proper release gets closer. Please play as many games as you can to stress test this new system and provide feedback when you can.

    We look forward to seeing you in game,


    If you have any problems please report them on this Trello board. A Trello account is all that’s needed for any posting.

    10 years with Spring engine

    We are stoned by this material for more than a decade! We can say just one thing. This is notAjoke!

    Sleeping beauty

    Official announcement of notAlobby on spring rts forum

    Sea of love

    Spring Engine version 101.0 release is a good occasion to both, turn to history and talk about our common future.

    The Spring Engine is unique in its universality. It is true that lately the Spring Engine has been widely criticized for not being efficient enough and for the fact that the decision-making on issues stops due to overwhelming differences – first of all among the members of the community.

    It is absolutely natural for such a diverse community. When the first version of Spring Engine was released, its founders did not in the least think that there would always be consensus. Spring community’s strength comes from taking different views and opinions consideration. Decisions debated within the community can either be taken as future features or not.

    We all know that after some conflicts in the past, a centre of domination raised in the community. And then those who found themselves at the top of that pyramid were tempted to think that if we are so strong and exceptional then we know better than anyone what to do.


    Someone thinks that GPL is the only right and true way of living on that sinful planet. They fear the low “bus factor” of close source programs.

    If developers of NOTA disappear for some reason, then all work at the close-source program will be lost, that happened already few times with other stuff contrivuted as closed source to spring too. Now you see why making project open-source would be big benefit for all.

    Instead of releasing the “unitsync” under LGPL license, you create obstacles or, in other words, “Put a spoke in someone’s wheel”.

    Of course, the world is changing and the Spring Engine community must be consistent with this natural transformation. NOTA team is ready to work together with all community members, but we consider the attempts to block someones and not to block the others for the same deal as extremely dangerous. They can lead to a collapse of the entire community relations. Then, indeed, we would be left with no other rules than the rule of the force. We would get a world dominated by selfishness rather than collective work.

    We suggest, however, we should take a wider view on this issue. We are all different. And we should respect that. We should all remember what our past has taught us.

    Announcement for forum

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is new notAlobby. This lobby satisfy GPL license demands and its new official client for NOTA.

    The new lobby is not linking unitsync.dll as previous version of the lobby did. Now, we are using own way of identifying games versions and maps. For the first look it seems that new lobby is not supporting other games/projects. It is true, but only in part. We had to choose technical solution which doesn’t ruin our time-budget and at least satisfy our needs. To make it compatible with other game projects it would take much time and other resources from us. We hope you understand this decision.

    Of course, this does not mean we are not open for real cooperation in the future!

    Technical things

    The obsolete lobby which was considered to crossing rules of this community is no longer available on:

    Its sources won’t be released. Let’s think that “the school bus” knocked down the computer where the sources were stored. We no longer support it and no longer distribute it. We also actively remove any problematic old content – e.g. if there exist some forgotten link or version of given client (so we encourage you to contact us in case you find such thing).

    We hope that our future relationship will be guided by common interests and expect that there will be no big fights once we do this step.

    As reaction for this announcement (and as long we will follow what we promise above), we expect that:

    • NOTA project won’t be no longer blocked in any sense on this forum and springrts page
    • All filteres blocking referencing NOTA projects pages, blocking NOTA news in all spring rts channels will be removed
    • Also there wont be done any future actions to NOTA content on and other shared repositories
    • There will be removed any other technical or personal provisions blocking specifically NOTA related stuff in shared infrastructure.

    We also hope any member of NOTA dev project will be no longer target of extra moderation effort 😈 (that was joke).

    Speaking openly,

    • danil_kalina (NOTA Game Lobby developer)
    • PepeAmpere (NOTA project representative)

    (announcing this together, so from this time new lobby is part of NOTA project, to make that clear for people from outside and to be sure there is just one point of contact for any future issues)

    Short version with discussion is on springrts forum.

    This article is uncut version of our official new lobby announcement on SpringRTS forums. The full version reveal our motivations more to be sure all ideological opponents have enough flame-war ammunition :). In all cases we still try to be constructive!

    Next Generation Lobby for NOTA

    Apart from being aesthetic master piece, this eye-candy is pretty functional! There are quite few big changes and improvements. Here are some (Big) facts:

    • Lobby doesn’t use unitsync anymore
    • Made only for NOTA (yea, independence!)
    • Glamorized by artistical thematic backgrounds
    • Shine with pows epic intro
    • Support 3 international languages
    • Easy way to send logs
    • Instant auto-updates
    • Extensive video settings
    • Includes our own epic music
    • Can use demo-login
    • Show players local time
    • Offline playing

    Right now there is no Linux version or replay functions. That’s all to come soon so grab that awesome lobby and give us some feedback!

    Get it here: Downloads page


    Now using Bit Bucket

    As of today we finally have a permanent NOTA repository. Once all files are uploaded this will be THE place for all your NOTA source code needs. All you need to do is click this Link

    NOTA Lobby 4.8.4

    Change Log

    • fixed map downloading
      • new spring maps repository included
      • added own nota map repository to map repos list
    • Rapid download is now working.
    • System Proxy connection support
    • Linux version released for 32 bit
    • Download no longer available


    Charlie Hebdo

    When it comes to shooting, smile. 😆

    Kmar wins the End of Summer Tournament

    Congratulations to Kmar for Winning the tournament He was followed by Danil_Kalina in second and CommonPlayer in third. You can see the final bracket. As well as the live stream games on Shadowfury’s channel

    Thanks to everyone who showed up.



    NOTA End of Summer 1V1 Tournament

    Its time for another 1v1 tournament, This one will be on sept 27th (A week from the posting of this) You can sign up here: all competitors will be required to check in 30 min before the start time of 16:00 GMT

    The day of the tournament just join the room with the player “NOTAtournamentLOBBY” then we will invite you to your proper matches.

    Thanks, Polar
    tournament dictator

    (for those asking for a 2v2 tournament wait until January 2015)

    Message to spammers

    Page is back

    Yes, NOTA page is back from two days hybernation. Like people feel bad after whole night spent with vodka or [noob]MrPwn4Lot_, our page feels a bit weak after few weeks in which have been spam sender for whole world, but especially for Nike and Goddes H&M. We wish better dayZ to our lovely page in upcomming months when new storm of news from notAspace will flood the world.

    Btw nice end of summer to you all!

    Mess? Yes! + NOTA 1.82

    It looks like huge mess around NOTA. You, our players, deserve more info.

    • We released NOTA 1.82 (ready for Spring 96.0) – list of changes you can find on forums
    • Due current crazy Spring infrastructure it taken almost 4 days to “upadate” autohosts and things are still not ready – so we suggest to use dedicated autohosts notAhosts.
    • Due transfer of nota repositories and packages to new storage we have still Lobby 4.7 as part of installer. Until new installer is done, users, which want to play new NOTA 1.82 + Spring 96.0 have to update to Lobby 4.8 manually. Ask Danil for link.
    • There were found 3 minor bugs in NOTA 1.82 + Spring 96.0 yesterday (all units shooting subs, hitsphere of bug burrow, texture of spacebugs plasma shots)

    Temporary conlusions

    • Play NOTA 1.80 + Spring 94.1 on notAhost1 if you want working game with no updates needed.
    • Or play NOTA 1.82 + Spring 96.0 on notAhost2 and notAhost3 if you want test new version of game in new engine. For such you need manualy update your notalobby to version 4.8. All bugs you find report to Pepe or on forum.
    • Expect NOTA 1.83 or newer version and expect new installer which gets you notalobby 4.8 automaticly. Both will be ready in few weeks (or maybe months, you know us ;).

    Thx for patience.


    What about a nice game of 2048. With NOTA Goddes.

    Play it, play! Ejoy day! Free to play, so no pay! If bored, play different one, which not gay, as well, yay!

    Deadly disease


    Hard to talk about something such horrible as is notAcancer. Hard to talk about something bad, if talking about bad things is forbidden. If just talking or linking spread notAcancer, how we face it!? Truly Catch-22.

    notAcancer sample

    Third window missing, rules are same as before. Here is window sample, fill it as good you are able. The best window become official 3rd window of this strip.

    CORE of ARMy remodelling

    Are you confused from title? Thats correct! This post will just about crazy screens from one NOTA re-modelling action. But it is not only about fashion, it direct eye under skin of new NOTA.

    Peewee, Rocko, Hammer

    Click on first image to see fullsized screens. Thanks to smoke fumus for directing this show!

    Peewee, Rocko, HammerPeeweePeeweePeeweeRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRockoRocko

    Help and Hunt

    What da fuck?

    Our dear friend Forgotten Angel is now it the middle of his another performance show. Sadly or happily, it affects all of us, not just his own game, whole Spring games community reputation. Read more…

    Godde wins the 1v1 tourney!

    After a fantastic day Godde is announced the winner after 26 different games  In 2nd you have Danil fallowed by PoW. this was a great tournament and we hope to have more in the future.

    Tournament end

    There is final bracket online and casts from tournament on Youtube made by our action hero Fury Shadow 33,3 cm.

    NOTA Weekend 1v1 turnoment

    NOTA polar tourney

    On March 22nd we are going to have second tournament in the history of NOTA. It will be a large map 1v1 tournament With a double elimination bracket. Some of the well know players participating are: Godde, PepeAmpere, PepEdison, and Gin of bottle!

    All players are required to read the rules found on rules page.


    It will start at 17:00 GMT on the map “Nuclear Winter”. Registration is free at Challonge and will be open until the tournament start. All competitors are required to be online 30 min before and throughout the day.

    UPDATE1: system changed to double eleminitation
    UPDATE2: name changed, added link for rules
    UPDATE3: nice registration button added :mrgreen: