Monthly Archives: October 2012

NOTA gamepack v8.5 – new lobby, game and missions!

NOTA game pack v8.5

Huge game changes included, many lobby fixes and improvements, new TV widget version and promo mission xAnts!

It’s matter of choice

Good or Evil? Black or White? Ape or Bannana? Be or Not to be? hoijui or jK?


Froggy tale

It’s embarrassing but we have to ask! Why did he do that? Does he like Spring at all? And what Google thinks about such frog?


NOTA 1.69 -> NOTA 1.70 -> NOTA 1.71

Crazy NOTA week

This time it was fast run, dayZ full of tests, dirty words and many visits in shemale house. But new stable NOTA is here!

Mother will be angry!

Dealing with bugs is sometimes very hot.

Bug Diplomacy II

Keep us hot!

Variability of some games is endless. And it deserves big RESTECP! from us.

Peewee Republic

Btw, everyone, who find 5 differences between those tanks (linked above) gets from us small personal RESTECP!, too.

Who’s the creator of new NOTA trailer?

We dont know you, dude! We dont ask for your name, if you want to be in secret. But you did good job.
new NOTA trailer