NOTA gamepack v8.5 – new lobby, game and missions!

NOTA game pack v8.5

Huge game changes included, many lobby fixes and improvements, new TV widget version and promo mission xAnts!

2 Responses to NOTA gamepack v8.5 – new lobby, game and missions!

  1. bomberman says:

    Single player missions are not working. I could see pictures and text, but I couldn’t run them. Some map error…

  2. Pepe Ampere says:

    Yes, you are true, they dont work in notalobby singleplayer launching (the bug is fixed but new version is not released yet), but you can play singleplayer from multiplayer battleroom – just join one of Nitrogen autohost and do things as described in section Gameplay (setting settings depends on each mission)

    For Spacebugs mode or simple skirmish game you just add one bot AI (Spacebugs AI or NOE AI – for skirmish) and launch the game with writing “!start” in Nitrogen’s battleroom chat or pressing “Start game” button in lobby.

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