Another duel

Some battles are decided in advance.


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  1. Zero says:

    I am able to beat N.O.E. – this is notAjoke! :mrgreen:

  2. Tom J Nowell says:

    Dont be dissin Shard, that stuffs Pure Vintage

  3. Noob says:

    I made a shard build tree able to beat noe in Azure Rampart.

  4. Noob says:

    Here is the shard build list use T1 arm kbot T2 arm Kbot and T3 experimental arm is very agressive and build nearly no defenses (thinking to add some defenses but transportable tower paralise builders because they think it can push itself from where it is this is why fark does not build LLT create a nota folder in shard with others ai and copy thoses textes in this new folder the first part in taskqueues.lua
    and the second part in attackers.lua

    (edit PepeAmpere): I moved your code on forum.

  5. Pepe Ampere says:

    Nice, lets organize some AIs contest. Suggest maps.

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