Lobby 4.x


Multi-purpose, Multi-engine, Multi-platform communication application for players of Spring games.

Based on agreement with Spring community we removed all references to old lobby from this site.

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Multiplayer Page

Multiplayer Page

Battle Room Page

Battle Room Page

Replays & TV Page

Replays & TV Page


  • Friends list
  • Channels list
  • Chat & History
  • Taunts In Lobby
  • Invite people for chatting
  • Bots
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer
  • Host battle
  • Replays and NOTA-TV
  • Auto-Download System (Rapid, Plasma)
  • Lobby settings
  • Spring Engine settings

Changes Log:

ver. 4.8

  • Supercruel Spring 96.0 compatible

ver. 4.7

  • OTE hero setup added

ver. 4.6

  • Cruel Spring 95.0 compatible

ver. 4.5

  • Add: NOTA-TV widget for all games
  • Fix: Add NOTA-TV inside Installer
  • Fix: Spring Map options
  • Fix: Thread Download ( Fix Crash )

ver. 4.4

  • Add: Make possible to select engine when player is hosting game
  • Add: TrueSkill Rank for players in the Battle Room
  • Add: Turn ON/OFF General sound + New Message sound
  • Add: Show the reason why you were kicked from Server
  • Add: Support Nightwatch offline message service
  • Add: Settings – scroll wheel speed, unit render distance
  • Add: Settings – message sound volume
  • Add: Auto-Join to Left Battle Room when reconnecting/rejoining
  • Add: AutoUnspec, when battleroom is full and you can’t “unspec”
  • Add: You can be ready/unready and spectating ( Set in settings )
  • Add: If you were kicked, don’t let you join again for 3 minutes
  • Add: Split chat on Host chat and Users chat
  • Add: Host – force players to Teams
  • Add: Host – force players to Spectators
  • Add: Host – force players to Kick
  • Add: Host – force lock/unlock battle
  • Add: Host – force players to Set Colors
  • Add: new AI dialog
  • Add: Bot data ( color, side, team ) update
  • Add: Host – add/remove start rects
  • Add: Ask player after every battle if he wants to keep or delete replay ?
  • Add: Multiple Replays selection for deleting. [by pow]
  • Add: Side column to replays player list
  • Fix: Battle Room redesign
  • Fix: Battle Room spam protection for SPADS autohosts
  • Fix: Join – Send My Status -> faster joining battle
  • Fix: Switching between Single/Multi Player => faster switching
  • Fix: BattleRoom chat shows every message twice
  • Fix: Players status in chat, when you click Sendmessage twice
  • Fix: Players status in chat, player is online when you have been disconnected
  • Fix: Cooperative Missions Setup, auto-add AI
  • Fix: Clear Autohost chat when rejoin
  • Fix: Linux 32 and 64, Spring can not be started ( install SDL )
  • Fix: Set for the maps download – NO Multi downloading
  • Fix: Download Cancel and Retry
  • Fix: Download sometimes can not be finished ( 99% bug )
  • Fix: Add more tries to find map for downloading
  • Fix: TV parsing now is by player index

ver. 4.3

  • Fix Default Graphic Settings
  • Remove: check new lobby version issued
  • Player’s color in the battle room is changing properly
  • Fix Settings Page, Lobby crashed because of the Sound problems
  • Added bugged CRC_32 from springlobby and zkl for compatibility reasons
  • Fix Settings when you start lobby at first time

ver. 4.2

  • Remove Tray Icon for Linux
  • Fix: Bird Eyes are watching you every time you launch lobby
  • Fix: You don’t see your own messages
  • Fix: You can’t join to battles due to your login name is not match server login name( pow[nota] and pow[NOTA] )
  • Fix: Some autohosts kicking you because of spam protection
  • Make playing sounds like playing taunts
  • Fix: HOST bug in Battle List ( in game name column is battle title )

ver. 4.0

  • Auto-Download Taunts
  • Auto-Update lobby ( windows, linux, osx )
  • First Start Setup folder crash. when lobby is in the same dir as Spring Data
  • Make MultiPlayer page = BattleList + BattleRoom + Community
  • Spring Multi-Engine Support
  • Clear Temp Folder before Run
  • Notification of New Lobby version issued
  • Make saving into DataBase instead of “*.ini” file, Remove some files from Config folder
  • Lobby 3.2 crashes if folder with maps is empty. Windows XP
  • Get rid of unnecessary txt files, for example blocked_users
  • Fix PathManager for relative paths of a current dir
  • Sound :: Play Taunts
  • Copy Taunts when you switch spring engine
  • SpringSettings when you start spring first
  • Users in Recent chat are online ( actually they are offline ) double click on them ( in chat they are also online )
  • Fix CPU 100% is doing something, MapIconWidget bugs
  • Use “In Battle” Graphic Settings for Replays( Spectator )
  • Spring Engine auto-download
  • You are unsynced, when you connect to Springie Autohosts for the first time
  • Fix ConnectionManager, Auto-Connect when disconnected, PowerButton is in connecting state
  • Fix Ping and Timeout in ConnectionManager for living
  • Fix Connection after register new account
  • Can add myself as a friend
  • New account registration, you go to LoginUI and it is in connecting state by default. have to click Cancel then type your account data
  • Try to use anti-alias for TV units, by using double coordinates instead of int
  • I am in BattleRoom. Played, then I closed Spring, but other players were still playing. Tried to watch a replay, Can’t ( I am In Battle)
  • Set text for current Date column: Today, Yesterday
  • Lobby crash while dragging TV progress button, try to uncomment mutexs
  • TV Playing
  • Pause button. When you unpause, it moves your film back a little
  • Execute Replay with the right engine ( engines dir )
  • Delete related TV-Replays when you delete a Replay
  • Set Volume for Taunts and Sounds
  • Turn ON/OFF
  • User Left, User Joined, Battle Started
  • When you host notAmap twice, some mapoptions are absent
  • You are not in BattleRoom when you Host ( Battle Chat )
  • When I host, Rect Area is not visible in game
  • When I host, I can’t change Rect Area
  • When I host local, it seems the server’s engine is selected ( I host using 91.0, got 93.1 )
  • When I host, I can’t change map
  • Use autohost, localhost
  • When select different map, the mod/game is unselected
  • Selecting map button should be somehow on the same place as selecting game (+ close, logical, to map image)
  • Replace Filter – Hide Empty Battles on Hide Empty Battles Except One
  • Filter Empty One Battles is buggy when new room is created
  • Settings Default Button
  • Settings for mission TTD button ( startPositionType = fixed )
  • Settings for mission Mission 3 button ( startPositionType = fixed )
  • Some Maps pictures are corrupted
  • Start Battle if you are BOSS, HOST and SPECTATOR
  • When you are unsync, someone ringing you. you sent your lobby version and Spring version…
  • After map is downloaded, Reload is stucked on 50%
  • When autohost Started, Me didn’t autostart battle
  • Vote System: Fix Spam( !y, vote 1, … ) when players vote from game
  • Minimap Button doesn’t work, after click Height Button
  • Am I Boss ? if yes let you modify game options
  • After playing, move back to lobby battleroom and Start Button text = “Join Battle”, but there is no one playing
  • Disable RemoveBot in context menu for other player’s bot
  • Sometimes – Password is not correct when starting a battle ( if user hosts the battle )
  • Your game starts automatically when you join battle and you are unsynced
  • Add Balance Button for autohost
  • New actions for “I am Ready” and “Spectator” buttons
  • Chat scrolling is in the middle. When new message arrive Chat scrolling goes to the last message
  • Check the map WHEN map changed or WHEN game just eneded and: if its map with mapOption “”hash””, change the defualt value of that mapOption to random number between 1..9999999
  • If you are in NOTA room then show Web Links about game

Previous versions

Welcome page

Battle List page

Battle Room page

Replays page

Battle Room page

ver. 3.2

  • Nothing is selected, but map and users are shown
  • Severe bug when change spring engine that leads to crash
  • Settings options set to default Spring Engine values
  • Chat window – you are Unknown user and don’t have coresponding flag at the start
  • Chat window – message is modified after sending

ver. 3.1

  • Scrolling in Chat is always go up after receiving new message when lobby is not active or you are not in battleroom
  • Add NOTA TV options
  • Remove some options from replays
  • Set by default desktop resolution
  • springsettings.cfg is missed in SpringData path – create it
  • Play sound on new message
  • Mission ( Read them from NOTA game file )
  • Missions
  • Missions dependencies ( change map, game difficulty )
  • Auto-Download mission’s map
  • Save last selected mission
  • Change game icon
  • Add filter and column by AI
  • Add background color for incorrect replays

ver. 3.0

  • My user name is highlighted in chat. To make it We add symbols before name and after name
  • In database Column for country must be 4 symbols. Check this in Tools/TLDList.h
  • Add option: Show 10 last messages
  • Auto-Rename file names
  • Delete replays, which filesize less than specific size
  • IsCorrect, What does it mean ?
  • Show a message when you are in battle and want to watch any replay
  • Add how many replays to show by default
  • Bug: Wierd bug with replays. Hang up on some of them
  • Tab Completion, Add to existence sentence next player name from the list
  • Tab Completion, Users from the suggested list were picked wrong
  • Fix SyncState if it is unknown for spectator
  • You can add any AI as a friend
  • When you are about to play, lobby uses resources settings for Custom
  • Check InvertMouse
  • We need to overwrite settings in lobby by that which was changed in game
  • in settings -> ranks page – “corporal” is more frequent name for rank named on that page “caporal”
  • Change UnitIconDistance Range from 100-300 to 100-800
  • Add VSync option
  • Add all options from Spring Settings to each Graphics file
  • Lobby crash after resync
  • Make FirstStartUI working not only for Spring portable
  • Add context menu for players to chat with
  • Make Base ContextMenu. All other context menus should use its methods
  • Remember my password” button in login screen looks “checked” when unchecked
  • SpringSettingsManager refactoring
  • Login as [NGI]phas[NOTA] not [NGI]Phas[NOTA]. doesn’t work
  • N::L crashes, if you have replays from spring 84.0 and older
  • Cannot mix incompatible Qt library
  • Move Spring to Core

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  1. aip says:

    will you fix bugs in lobby? Like this: https://code.google.com/p/nota/issues/detail?id=16

  2. Pepe Ampere says:

    I think they are working on it.

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