Next Generation Lobby for NOTA

Apart from being aesthetic master piece, this eye-candy is pretty functional! There are quite few big changes and improvements. Here are some (Big) facts:

  • Lobby doesn’t use unitsync anymore
  • Made only for NOTA (yea, independence!)
  • Glamorized by artistical thematic backgrounds
  • Shine with pows epic intro
  • Support 3 international languages
  • Easy way to send logs
  • Instant auto-updates
  • Extensive video settings
  • Includes our own epic music
  • Can use demo-login
  • Show players local time
  • Offline playing

Right now there is no Linux version or replay functions. That’s all to come soon so grab that awesome lobby and give us some feedback!

Get it here: Downloads page


4 Responses to Next Generation Lobby for NOTA

  1. Pepe Ampere says:

    Hurray! Awesome danil killer! :mrgreen:

  2. pow says:

    I apologize for horrible formatting and rough writing. I was forced to do this by lazy mr danil(making excuses) in pepes absence.

  3. pow says:

    *Windows download* link updated to 0.6.4 version.

  4. pow says:

    Once again updated download link for automatic downloading of latest version.

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