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Charlie Hebdo

When it comes to shooting, smile. :lol:

Deadly disease


Hard to talk about something such horrible as is notAcancer. Hard to talk about something bad, if talking about bad things is forbidden. If just talking or linking spread notAcancer, how we face it!? Truly Catch-22.

notAcancer sample

Third window missing, rules are same as before. Here is window sample, fill it as good you are able. The best window become official 3rd window of this strip.

Our game in time


Benny notAnGel notForbidden is looking back at his forgotten game… history. And others are doing the same. NOTA is able to reflect its history in the same way – and you see – we are really stable – like hard rock in the middle of doomsday ocean!

Are legends true?

Finally god answered our prayers and come back to help us fight evil players… Welcome back Thor!

Comics workshop

In reaction on NOTA page blockade we offer you participation on making truth. This is notAjoke!


Fill the second panel with one of prepared panels or create your own!

Balls tribute

Every nation, including robot nations, need them. Balls equiped leaders.

Iron lady

Trying to be positive?

NOTA :: Lobby is trying to be open source of fun and love for whole Spring community, but not at all costs…

Open source of love


Do you know the tale about a hobbit? In one certain moment he realized it’s time to go back, too.


On this occasion we have to say to all players we moved back and stop to use engines of series 93 and our notApacks offers Spring of serie 91 again.

Habemus Papam!

New Pepe was.. New Pope was elected so you deserve one background story. My old friends this will be an election to remember.

Habemus papam green smoke

The first notAjoke!

In times when there were many evil Goddes…

The first

There and back again

Leaving the computer is risky sometimes.

Unexpected journey


It’s nice to have friends, m’kay?


Procedural story

No one can stop advance. After procedural worlds one famous game introduces another cool feature.

New trailer

Another duel

Some battles are decided in advance.


It’s matter of choice

Good or Evil? Black or White? Ape or Bannana? Be or Not to be? hoijui or jK?


Froggy tale

It’s embarrassing but we have to ask! Why did he do that? Does he like Spring at all? And what Google thinks about such frog?


Mother will be angry!

Dealing with bugs is sometimes very hot.

Bug Diplomacy II

Keep us hot!

Variability of some games is endless. And it deserves big RESTECP! from us.

Peewee Republic

Btw, everyone, who find 5 differences between those tanks (linked above) gets from us small personal RESTECP!, too.

New Kickstarter project!

Not Original developers are much faster then before. They offer you free remake of the game, that is not finished, yet! Admirable dudes. And now, here is the star of this night: Not Original Planetary Annihilation – N.O.P.A.!

Not Original Planetary Annihilation

Btw, first $1500 for the project we get from Licho’s account, from your money Spring players! Thank you!

For Mankind!

Some people thinks we are the most advanced creatures in the space. Such stupid idea! Tell the Kroggy.

One giant leap