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New Kickstarter project!

Not Original developers are much faster then before. They offer you free remake of the game, that is not finished, yet! Admirable dudes. And now, here is the star of this night: Not Original Planetary Annihilation – N.O.P.A.!

Not Original Planetary Annihilation

Btw, first $1500 for the project we get from Licho’s account, from your money Spring players! Thank you!

For Mankind!

Some people thinks we are the most advanced creatures in the space. Such stupid idea! Tell the Kroggy.

One giant leap

At the roots of the mountains

In life of every person happens, that it is trapped in some big hole with some ugly creature, which wants to play some stupid games…

Riddles in the dark

Peak of the season

We expect great show, we expect spectacular effects, we excpect things that can be seen only in our dreams!

Closing ceremony

For deeply interested people, there are some bonus materials…

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There was big plan to make many many notAjoke!’s in few days. But hearts of men are easily corrupted and PepeAmpere was arrested by Police! And this is not a joke dudes. So one notAjoke! is finished at least for your long summer week.

1000 elmos run

Godde ante portas!

For people who don’t know what was Godde doing in last weeks I have to say: Yes, this is really not a joke!

No one is safe

For people deeply interested in Godde’s stuff and notAjoke! here is small survey:

Survey at NOTA joke 07

Survey closed at 1. 10. 2012.

Casus belli

Do you know why CORE and ARM ruined whole galaxy? What is the reason for such eternal struggle? We know it!

Why we fight

Truth about downloading

In dark nights, when bored of killing noobs, AI N.O.E. thinks about important things.

Real Knowledge

The Real Evolution

Today with special guests: XTA commanders!
Real Evolution

Intergalactic negotiation

Understanding of different cultures is main task of current days!
Bug Diplomacy

Advanced start buildqueue

Some special start strategies doesn’t know even Godde.
First Building

One more…

Waiting for “the right” opponent can be long sometimes.
In Battleroom