New Kickstarter project!

Not Original developers are much faster then before. They offer you free remake of the game, that is not finished, yet! Admirable dudes. And now, here is the star of this night: Not Original Planetary Annihilation – N.O.P.A.!

Not Original Planetary Annihilation

Btw, first $1500 for the project we get from Licho’s account, from your money Spring players! Thank you!

11 Responses to New Kickstarter project!

  1. RobotJox says:

    Hard to find it on Kickstarter. Can you send link?

  2. Pepe Ampere says:

    We cannot. Its secret project for Spring community. And Uber_team’s lawyers seek for enemies like us!

  3. RobotJox says:

    Plz! Send me that link on Ill support ya!

  4. Malina says:

    RobotJox, what is your best part ? Porn with Godde ?

  5. RobotJox says:

    No. I’m interested in game, remake of PA in Spring sounds cool for me. Do you have the link, Malina? I will send the money asap, when I get the link with Donation page.

  6. Malina says:

    hmmm, interesting, PA isn’t issued yet. anyway, how much are you gonna invest ?

  7. Pepe Ampere says:

    We can be generous to him Malina, maybe, send him your bank account :mrgreen:

  8. Malina says:

    Need more money

  9. Pepe Ampere says:

    Black shemale prostitutes are more expensive, RobotJox.

  10. RobotJox says:

    If you give me the bank account I maybe send money to you. But without kickstarter link on NOPA page I am not sure – I hope you understand me, I need more informations.

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