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What about a nice game of 2048. With NOTA Goddes.

Play it, play! Ejoy day! Free to play, so no pay! If bored, play different one, which not gay, as well, yay!

NOTA Weekend 1v1 turnoment

NOTA polar tourney

On March 22nd we are going to have second tournament in the history of NOTA. It will be a large map 1v1 tournament With a double elimination bracket. Some of the well know players participating are: Godde, PepeAmpere, PepEdison, and Gin of bottle!

All players are required to read the rules found on rules page.


It will start at 17:00 GMT on the map “Nuclear Winter”. Registration is free at Challonge and will be open until the tournament start. All competitors are required to be online 30 min before and throughout the day.

UPDATE1: system changed to double eleminitation
UPDATE2: name changed, added link for rules
UPDATE3: nice registration button added :mrgreen:

Vashp micro and skirmishing

Godde's strategy guide

This time about leading the anti-ground forces. More in Great Godde’s NOTA Strategy Guide!

Broadsiding with ships

Godde's strategy guide

Some ships tricks this time. See more in Great Godde’s NOTA Strategy Guide!

Using radar and radar shadows

Godde's strategy guide

First from series of Godde’s video manuals, part of the Great Godde’s NOTA Strategy Guide!

Early vehicle harassment

Jeffy and Weasel micro

Jeffy and weasel got enough LoS to avoid enemy units if you pay attention to them. They can harass outlying mexes and relay the position of the enemy comtower for a cheap price. Their slope tolerance is higher than other vehicles so they can go on places where other vehicles can’t go. If you keep microing them you can force the defending player to tie up his forces defending rather than harassing you.

Jeffy - Fast Attack Vehicle Weasel - Scout

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Manual terminology

Counter – this is a unit, tactic, unitcombo, or strategy that beats another unit, tactic, unitcombo or strategy. Fighters counter Vashp for example.

For cost – When I say that Flash can kill Peewees for cost it means that a force consisting of Flashes can beat a Peewee force that cost more. This does not neccessarily mean that Flash is a counter to Peewees even though they might be a counter under some circumstances like on a flat map for example.

Overrun – I use this term as to when a more costly force can rush an enemy to which they normally wouldn’t make cost but because of their speed and size they can still kill more enemies in cost than they lose.

Outmaneuver – this is outmaneuvering another force or type of unit as means of overrunning the enemy or attack where the enemy can’t defend. Typically, Stumpies and Raiders can outmaneuver Rockos and Storms and then overrun them even though they technically wouldn’t make cost straight up.

Kiting – kiting is using faster units that have longer range than the enemy and keeping them out of range without the enemy being able to return fire. Typically, Flash and Instigators can kite Peewees and AK’s, Greyhounds(Tech 2 Antiarmor-Skirmish tank) can kite Goliath(Tech 2 Heavy Assault Tank).

Outranging – is when you are outranging the enemy but doesn’t have enough speed to kite the enemy. You typically wanna outrange the opponent for as long as possible. If the enemy is trying to overrun your Hammers with Peewees you typically wanna move away from the incoming enemy Peewees so that your Hammers outrange the Peewees for as long possible to give your Hammers more time to deal damage to the Peewees before they deal damage to the Hammers.

Kiting with speed – units lead their target in NOTA because units with slow projectile velocity have a very hard time hitting moving units otherwise. When a unit are on the edge of the range of a weapon and the unit is moving away from the weapon, that weapon would have to lead out of it’s range to hit the enemy. However since that the weapon would have to aim somewhere out of range it won’t fire. This gives the person moving back an important advantage when Hammers fight Hammers for example. Even though they both have the same range and speed the retreating Hammers can kite with speed.

Skirmishing – Skirmishing is the act of outranging or kiting the enemy. Skirmishes between Hammers and Thuds are frequent in NOTA and you have to consider Kiting with speed before you push against similar ranged units in a skirmish.


It’s nice to have friends, m’kay?


3v3 dirty game, commented by Draven205

Another commented match created by Draven205. Starring: Godde, Draven205, Webbed VS danil_kalina, PoW and PepeAmpere.

First commented NOTA match!

Dear draven205 made for us commented NOTA match video. So here you see how people in Australia see the NOTA, how guys who hang with their heads down think. More talks about in NOTA PR forum thread.

At the roots of the mountains

In life of every person happens, that it is trapped in some big hole with some ugly creature, which wants to play some stupid games…

Riddles in the dark

Godde ante portas!

For people who don’t know what was Godde doing in last weeks I have to say: Yes, this is really not a joke!

No one is safe

For people deeply interested in Godde’s stuff and notAjoke! here is small survey:

Survey at NOTA joke 07

Survey closed at 1. 10. 2012.

Advanced start buildqueue

Some special start strategies doesn’t know even Godde.
First Building

One more…

Waiting for “the right” opponent can be long sometimes.
In Battleroom