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Pow’s psychadelic NOTA relax

For this video you need special mood and strong eyes, but you need to see it, too! Just for free NOTA emotions.

3v3 dirty game, commented by Draven205

Another commented match created by Draven205. Starring: Godde, Draven205, Webbed VS danil_kalina, PoW and PepeAmpere.

First commented NOTA match!

Dear draven205 made for us commented NOTA match video. So here you see how people in Australia see the NOTA, how guys who hang with their heads down think. More talks about in NOTA PR forum thread.

Who’s the creator of new NOTA trailer?

We dont know you, dude! We dont ask for your name, if you want to be in secret. But you did good job.
new NOTA trailer

How to Download and Play

How to run game for newbies by Plumm.