Early vehicle harassment

Jeffy and Weasel micro

Jeffy and weasel got enough LoS to avoid enemy units if you pay attention to them. They can harass outlying mexes and relay the position of the enemy comtower for a cheap price. Their slope tolerance is higher than other vehicles so they can go on places where other vehicles can’t go. If you keep microing them you can force the defending player to tie up his forces defending rather than harassing you.

Jeffy - Fast Attack Vehicle Weasel - Scout

Early harassment

  • Early harassment is a great way to get ahead at the start of the game if you can kill outlying mexes and constructors.
  • The command tower have a defence with about 1350 range so going too close to the tower with lone units is unlikely to payoff.
  • The build range of the the command range is larger than the defence range so it is quite possible to kill mexes on the edge of the buildrange.
  • It is also quite possible to dodge missile of the ARM command tower if you turn around just as you hear the missile launch from the command tower.
  • If you do it right your unit will run out of Line of Sight before the missile reach your unit and it will miss provided that the enemy doesn’t have radar on your unit.
  • Knowing the placement and range of the comtower is essential to early harassment.
  • Try to figure out where you would have placed your command tower in order to reach as many mexes as possible and try to figure out which mexes will be out of the defensive range.
  • Peewees are excellent for early harassment as they can take 2-3 shoots from the starting building and are relatively cheap if you want to harass the enemy further into the defense range.
  • If you send in 5-10 pewees it will most likely payoff if you kill 3-5 mexes.
  • And remember. If you have units on several sides of the comtower you can run in from all directions because the comtower won’t be able to kill units faster anyway.

Countering early harassment

  • Making 2-3 constructors at the start of the game is usually begging to get harassed. If you have radar coverage you are able to see enemy troop movements and counter the enemy harassment easier although a radar cost like 6 peewees in energy so I recommend getting mobile units first. This is where the vehicle advantage is at its’ best.
  • Vehicles are faster and can effectively kite peewees and AKs so they are both better at countering kbot harassment and harassing a kbot player.
  • Defensive turrets should only be used as a last resort to protect your mexes if your ground forces are somewhere else as turrets are pretty expensive and can be overrun by Peewees for cost.

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