NOTA Weekend 1v1 turnoment

NOTA polar tourney

On March 22nd we are going to have second tournament in the history of NOTA. It will be a large map 1v1 tournament With a double elimination bracket. Some of the well know players participating are: Godde, PepeAmpere, PepEdison, and Gin of bottle!

All players are required to read the rules found on rules page.


It will start at 17:00 GMT on the map “Nuclear Winter”. Registration is free at Challonge and will be open until the tournament start. All competitors are required to be online 30 min before and throughout the day.

UPDATE1: system changed to double eleminitation
UPDATE2: name changed, added link for rules
UPDATE3: nice registration button added :mrgreen:

5 Responses to NOTA Weekend 1v1 turnoment

  1. Pepe Ampere says:

    What about the change the system to double elimination to motivate newbies to play more then one match?

  2. polargaming says:

    Now changed… If anyone has other ideas please comment/let me know at:


  3. Pepe Ampere says:

    Ok, add rules here or on Challonge. Be inspired by old ones:

  4. polargaming says:

    done… 🙂

  5. Pepe Ampere says:

    Papa bear take care about us!

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