Godde wins the 1v1 tourney!

After a fantastic day Godde is announced the winner after 26 different games  In 2nd you have Danil fallowed by PoW. this was a great tournament and we hope to have more in the future.

Tournament end

There is final bracket online and casts from tournament on Youtube made by our action hero Fury Shadow 33,3 cm.

10 Responses to Godde wins the 1v1 tourney!

  1. Casts from the tournament on YouTube playlist

  2. pow says:

    What a huge surprise…

  3. Zero says:

    What what what? Tournament???? Without me?? I would win it if I knew about you notAbastards! 👿

  4. Zero says:

    I would kill little bitch first, of course.

  5. danil says:


  6. Pepe Ampere says:

    Zero: use RSS channel of this page to know about news… or at least use your pills properly :mrgreen:

  7. pow says:

    @Zero: Lot of talking and no playing. Join us sometimes.

  8. Pepe Ampere says:

    Yes, (220) Will be awesome… We’re going to be like “pow-pow-pow” and you going to be like “arrghhhh” 😎

  9. Zero says:

    Im not you SLAVE!!!! Pepe Pamper Little Bitch

  10. Pepe Ampere says:

    Accept fact you are.

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