Help and Hunt

What da fuck?

Our dear friend Forgotten Angel is now it the middle of his another performance show. Sadly or happily, it affects all of us, not just his own game, whole Spring games community reputation. So our task is clear. Help stream of Steam players around with setuping game and if they reach their personal limits, show them our cool installer and lobby. It can help, we prepared such one click solution for long time. They can stay at EVO or choose other game (including NOTA), thats not in our hands. Now, we want to save Spring games credit for next years and it is opportunity to show our part of work in real mass use.

Good luck and use this new link for controling the Stream:

BTW: To those, who doesnt know whats happening: Evolution RTS got greenlight on Steam, it means hundreds of new players comming and playing, mostly confused of Weblobby. So many issues solve just showing them another lobby.

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