Froggy tale

It’s embarrassing but we have to ask! Why did he do that? Does he like Spring at all? And what Google thinks about such frog?


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  1. PicassoCT says:

    He did it for the honey!

    But srsly, he might got them into more trouble than ever planned. Cause if they copy now, they have the same probeLemas that spring had.. fringing on Zero-K IP.. which might get them into legal troubles later upon, cause there game might get infected by the open sauce plague with this! And by having that right under there eyes, they cant even claim anymore they never heard of it.

    So GoogleFrog 1: Friendly Fringers 0

    Listen dear, they are playing our game again! ;)

  2. Pepe Ampere says:

    I dont think so. All things listed in Frog’s list can be used without any fear because:

    • good lawyer can show, frog is showing nothing unique (noone from community have enough money for lawyer that had apple to win against samsung :mrgreen: )
    • you need to sue the Uber first to make some “dispute” with some meaning – who would that, where you take money for bad lawyer at least?
    • Frog would not attack Uber, he likes the principe how he did that.
    • Community dont think the same about this thing -> theres no platform for such sue or “media offence” on Uber.

    I dont blame someone for sharing knowledge. But practical thing is: Spring community is small and support to game that can be similar to other Spring games can simple kill the chance that current small amounts of people that look for any “special” RTS game with given qualities will choose some Spring game. They simple choose PA and never try ZK or BA, because PA will be “better in all aspects”.

    And another thing Google_Frog shown: He has no respect to Spring project, to Z-K project. He thinks its something worse then commercial profi game. I wonder he shared some time with anything around Spring before.

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