DeltaSiegeDry (20×12)

Most played map of Spring games, has a lot of modifications, but NOTA players are not playing it much. Couse NOTA nobility despises of BA retards ;) .

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1v1 2v2 3v3 6p+
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North hills
Source of surprise attacks and advantageous elevated position for defensive cannons.
South plain
Huge, fast and ferocious battlefield. Most of the games are resolved here.
Weak wind
It is good to remember that all planets of the type DeltaSiege have shity wind. Wind powerplants are not worth it.
Bot Veh
Some are strong in the north, the other in the south. Have nothing to envy each other.
Tactics differes as players
Possibility to win this map almost any way it produced an idol from it. If you try mod Balanced Anihilation, at any time of day you can join in at least two sets 8v8 on this map. Those lunatics are playing it over and over and over…
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