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NOTA 1.76

Test NOTA 1.76

New NOTA is released!
  • Huge air-power enhancement
  • Fully reworked User Interface
  • Rebalanced units sensors
  • Plenty of new useful widgets
  • New story mission!
  • Fixing almost 50 bugs
  • and more…
For all news, check changelog on forum

Last few hours before new NOTA!

Test NOTA 1.75f

LAST UPDATE: Try the news before stable release, download new NOTA 1.75f! We dont want to test new deadly NOTA on poor Chinesse kids, we want to test it on YOU!

Balls tribute

Every nation, including robot nations, need them. Balls equiped leaders.

Iron lady

Trying to be positive?

NOTA :: Lobby is trying to be open source of fun and love for whole Spring community, but not at all costs…

Open source of love


Do you know the tale about a hobbit? In one certain moment he realized it’s time to go back, too.


On this occasion we have to say to all players we moved back and stop to use engines of series 93 and our notApacks offers Spring of serie 91 again.

Habemus Papam!

New Pepe was.. New Pope was elected so you deserve one background story. My old friends this will be an election to remember.

Habemus papam green smoke

Pow’s psychadelic NOTA relax

For this video you need special mood and strong eyes, but you need to see it, too! Just for free NOTA emotions.

PoW vs PepeAmpere dots wars

PoW’s first dots replay. And its great!

The first notAjoke!

In times when there were many evil Goddes…

The first

There and back again

Leaving the computer is risky sometimes.

Unexpected journey

Pirates assault?

(3) Maybe

Pirates assault?

Who’s attacking us? Some say, in those ships are Pirates! Other say, those are mad N.O.E. AI invasion forces. And what about Replicators… and Spacebugs? We are only sure, this is new unit in NOTA. Credits goes to smoke fumus and small cake to Pepe.


It’s nice to have friends, m’kay?


3v3 dirty game, commented by Draven205

Another commented match created by Draven205. Starring: Godde, Draven205, Webbed VS danil_kalina, PoW and PepeAmpere.

First commented NOTA match!

Dear draven205 made for us commented NOTA match video. So here you see how people in Australia see the NOTA, how guys who hang with their heads down think. More talks about in NOTA PR forum thread.

Procedural story

No one can stop advance. After procedural worlds one famous game introduces another cool feature.

New trailer

Another duel

Some battles are decided in advance.


NOTA gamepack v8.5 – new lobby, game and missions!

NOTA game pack v8.5

Huge game changes included, many lobby fixes and improvements, new TV widget version and promo mission xAnts!

It’s matter of choice

Good or Evil? Black or White? Ape or Bannana? Be or Not to be? hoijui or jK?


Froggy tale

It’s embarrassing but we have to ask! Why did he do that? Does he like Spring at all? And what Google thinks about such frog?


NOTA 1.69 -> NOTA 1.70 -> NOTA 1.71

Crazy NOTA week

This time it was fast run, dayZ full of tests, dirty words and many visits in shemale house. But new stable NOTA is here!