PoW vs PepeAmpere dots wars

PoW’s first dots replay. And its great!

6 Responses to PoW vs PepeAmpere dots wars

  1. pow says:

    Yea happy as hell :D :D

  2. Pepe Ampere says:

    Make promised NOTA trailer or I dont let you win anymore! :mrgreen:

  3. danil_killer says:

    LOL :D

  4. pow says:

    Hehe of course.
    Top Sci-Fi Big Budget Movies Special Effects (ala battleship)
    Motion capture for kbots
    lens flares (special Michael Bay edition)
    David Gaytta music
    James Cameron’s like computer rendered scenes
    Nicki Minaj vs krogoth shuffle dance
    Dubstep!!! <3
    Legit arm oral tutorial
    Announced of new T4 tech and spaceships
    PhysX support for trees

  5. pow says:

    Video will be unavailable for few days because of Indiana Jones theme copyright. I will do some magic and reupload soon.

  6. pow says:

    Video back online. Hopefully clean.

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