Supreme_Lake_V3 (20×10)


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Sea and coast
Kill the enemy by horde of ground troops? OR Fight both sea and land? …that is the question.
Bot Veh
South coast soon becomes blocked, but the annoying presence of ships usually causes that you will appreciate the speed and armor of tanks. Bots are still needed couse they are inexpensive, but they are a bit easy targets for the ships, especially in larger quantities.
Hover Ship
Among the cliffs is not enough space (chance for hovers), but boats rule at the end.
Playing against newbies
New players (and not only they) are having a big problem to choose the right combination of various components of army for the current military situation. You can succeed with a surprisingly powerful assault on the land, or very early build of some really heavy warship (usually BattleCruiser).

Here you can see how I was beaten by Godde’s ships. Although I defended a hovercraft attack surprisingly, managed to build battlcruiser and even after I cleaned part of his base, eventually Godde beaten me on the water with his enormous material superiority. The only pity is that my Battlecruiser (not set in the factory on “hold position” mode) suicidly left the shore. Such actions brings GAME OVER faster that it was. I destroyed hostile Battlecruiser with the submarine, but then small boats killed my command tower in few seconds.
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