Valles_Marineris_v2 (16×12)


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Northern mountains
“The dangerous” mountain range, especially around the crater, because armies from plains like to extend their battles here.
Southern mountains
“The safer” mountains. Terrain here emulates the struggle on the wall and the game occasionally hangs here. After a long time without a fight somebody try some new technology … and wow, it “un-hangs” again. Also, here are good positions for blasting plain.
Here ride a dangerous tank brigades. There are two broad ways into each base that are used by these highly mobile assailants.
Bot Veh
Both types of army balanced.
Cooperation of distant battlefields
Here you can see the output of co-operated fight very much. Just realize if my situation is stable, I can occasionally send to allies 20-30 peewee_ARM/ak_CORE squad. It has not just a battle dimension – for weaker enemy character it has psychological impact (“omg, two players are attacking me!!! ill move on previous wall!”).
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