Small Supreme Islands V2 (16×16)


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1v1 2v2 3v3 6p+
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Missing bridge => one sea
United sea and lack of land connections with the enemy base priorities completely change the species composition of armies.
Bot Veh
Both types of ground forces are more suitable as an additional support unit. If you are fans of mobile airborne war with this principle you can only succeed with a small number of players (1v1, 2v2 max). Robots are also occasionally useful as a quick and inexpensive meatshield against hostile hover spam. Vehicles are good for mobile coastals or flaks.
Hover Ship
Boats rule. Hovercrafts are used only to intimidate, as service guys, spare warriors with submarines or pursuers of abandoned enemy cruisers.
Cooperation in teams such as the construction of the first port or the sharing of excess metal are the main parameters determining the success of the first naval battles – at least from the economic aspect. Skill in dealing with the boat is the second thing. But lost of the ship hurts more. There are few ships, they are expensive and the loss of each of them u will feel very much in fight.
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