Kappa_Basin (18×10)


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Northern mountains
Many players put their all efforts to place some kind of RBCC (Really Big Cool Cannon) on top of a middle hill. Guardian_ARM/Punisher_CORE on the tops of the plataues are favorite plans for other players, too – it has good effect sometimes. Northern mountains look very tough, almost impregnable. SO many games end with unexpected rapid penetrations of tech_lvl_two robots in northern gorges. Unexpected because there is needed many radars for the perfect cover of all the dells… and radars easily die, mkay?
Southern plain
Great open space for tactical maneuvers of different kinds of armies. In later stages it becomes irritated by installations on the central peak. Some newcomers are trying (after capturing part of the plain in the middle) to build a base there (bad custom of DSD BA players, where it is usuall). Their base will soon die in the first counterattack.
The hills on the plain
Each team has part of the base built on the plain covered with a large hill, where people likes to place their guns and short+middle-range weapons (from laser towers to plasma cannons). Who puts little army there and relies on two Punishers_CORE/Guardians_ARM on the hill, which crushes waiting enemy at the gates, the rapid attack in northern and southern manhole together quickly learn each person how these guns slowly rotate. Against the crowd of fast bitches they do not much work.
Bot Veh
Balanced map, where the cars loose a job with loss of space.
Push on the plain and don’t loose units
Take the battle on the plain, attack, if you can, as long as possible. Always keep one plant on northern hill (for defending against enemy (non)expected attacks).
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