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Coastlines-beta (32×24)

Sometimes Coastline b2 NOTA map v2, too, special bigger versiom for NOTA.

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Big sea on the south
The sea is the key to progress. Unlike dry and very dry version of this map without proper fleet you move slowly. But … its support in the bays is limited.
Bot Veh
Neither part of the army is somehow an advantage. Mobile coastal guns from the basic factory vehicles are able to keep enemy ships away a bit.
Hover Ship
Ships have relatively enough space to maneuver. Mostly. Only when you push them into bays, with small cost you can catch a big bitch. Supporting from the water during the attack on the ground is also capable tactic.
Naval attack on the southern base
1) Win Sea 2) together with the hovercrafts and ships attack the enemy base from the south. Most of the enemy are poorly prepared and their economy die in the first attack. Also it happends, that enemy loose one of their command towers.
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There is also smaller “dry” version of the map Coastlines_Dry_V1 (20×14) . Suitable for combat of smaller teams.