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Dead Reef Dry (22×12)


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At the bottom of a dry sea lie a lot of shipwrecks from the old wars of annihilation. It’s a great source of metal to kick your start (1000-2000 of metal I think).
High cliffs
Reefs protect against long-range guns and form a natural protection for centre of base.
Bot Veh
Fast attacks on both wings or on center field are effective. With the wings is one problem. Local platform is elevated a bit so vehicles have problems to drive there – so if you plan to attack that way, it is better to produce units on that ridge.
Strong wings, but …
The attack on the wings is mostly in terms of price/performance ratio cheaper then fight in the middle, but its not good to concentrate there more than half of your power. Bigger usage of resources looses its effect and enemy can attack at the same time in the center. And it happends quite often.
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