Small Supreme Battlefield V2 (16×16)

The basic version of the popular NOTA map. It is a clone of map from Supreme Commander (commercial follower of TA), and I think that I would not brag, if I say: This map is the only achievement that SC provided the world of strategy games.

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Natural bridge
Long and relatively narrow battlefield – its overcoming is a condition to harm enemy by the ground attack. You can affect the ongoing battle from the two neighboring seas (within a certain distance from the enemy base).
Sea with Bay
= “The easier one,” for the conquest. The natural protection of the surrounding cliffs ensure that even if the enemy butcher push you into the defensive, you wont lost the harbor.
The sea with long beach
= “The harder one”. It is recommended to try to conquer it as well, but often it is not possible. Mobile antiship defense utilized to repel enemy (water)attacks can be useful in the fight on the “bridge”. From this side also come hovercraft and air-dropping raids, particularly along the edge of the map.
Bot Veh
Little space for ground troops is soon clogged. Light artillery and mobile flaks/SAMs can be although certainly used, but the main fighting force is born usually of robots. Tank attacks here should not to be underestimated, especially if the enemy have opportunity to emerge near your base. If the enemy chooses tank bypass by the beach, you may not have enough firepower to round up all the tanks.
Hover Ship
Intelligently controlled boats do more harm than hovercrafts. Hovers perform good only in huge quantities (sometimes in small also, if both sides neglected naval combat).
Huge number of tactics
This map will probably get a special article about tactics.
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Special giant version of the map for NOTA
NOTA Supreme Battlefield (32×32) differ in size except by the fact that water has no metal, which strongly reduces the incentive to build ships and fight for the sea. For 4v4 match it is the ideal map.

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