Canyon_Redux-v01 (16×16)


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Marginal plateaus
They are suitable for the location of static defense, especially anti-aircraft guns. ARM figters can take ambush through them with beetle army.
Bot Veh
This map is soon clogged (especially with a larger number of players – 2v2 and 3v3), but until that both types of units are equivalent. Vehicles can take advantage of the speed, three ridges are good for entrenched robots, but the marginal mountains are completely forbidden for all units from the the ground level without air support.
Fight as long as possible…
Fight as long as possible and get as much territory. Once the process is already too expensive, start teching. Try dropping into the neck. Twenty Hammers_ARM/Thuds_CORE sitting on the cliff above the enemy base does not mean any heavy harm to the military sitting between you and the enemy base, but you have a chance to harm enemy economy (for example, you can kill moho engeneer) or at least sidetrack attention for a few seconds from your maneuver on the main battlefield.
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