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DeltaSiegeRevX (20×20)


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Huge sea
You can fire almost everywhere from there. If it is mastered, you will usually destroy one of the command towers in the middle of enemy beach. Then it’s usually easy win.
Bot Veh
Vehicles are unable to get to the enemy without huge losses in that hilly land, where rule the bots. In the late stages of the game vehicles can be combined with airforce and then they find their lost mobility.
Hover Ship
Although the boats are doing the most of the job, but do even better in combination with the hovercrafts … and hovercrafts also clean up any hidden installations somewhere behind the hill.
Conquer the sea
The easiest way to win is through the sea. If the battle is not clearly decided there, then game usually ends in deadly air raids. On the land there can be made a breakthrough too, but rarely. Even a novice on a hill can resist for few minutes. And before you will overwhelm him, someone he usually comes to help him and you pull units back with heavy loses and broken nose (tested with my own nose).
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