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Comet Catcher Redux (12×16)

An ancient map, which has been many times remaked. What is written here applies fully to the followers – the Green Comet, Comet Red, etc.

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1v1 2v2 3v3 6p+
++ ++ - --- + + ++ -
Flat lunar surface
Everything quick is deadly here.
Giant craters
… are good for hidding your command tower. There is nothing more embarrassing than to die by weapon of twenty escaped tanks.
Bot Veh
Until the game become blocked by the large armies, you have a chance to rush enemy with clever attacks on his neck, usually mines. If the game does not end until 15th minute, bots are also necessary.
Fast units destroying mines
With vehicles destroying enemy mines you can achieve economic advantage relatively quickly. Only needed thing is to spend more time with micro fighting and less time with construction.
He is killing me with fast cars!
If you are CORE, its possible to build an airport as a second factory. Vasp (antiground aircraft) can help you to catch most problematic vehicles. For ARM you can do the same with the Toad, but it’s not as effective in a defense as CORE one.
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Green rotated version greencometbasic (16×12). For those bored with gray or playing the top against down.
The same – but smaller and brown: redcomet (12×8). For those … that like brown ..? Or red? Suitable for only for 1v1.