Nuclear_Winter_v1 (20×12)


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Northern plateaus
Light to interference and can be a source of supporting attacks on the plain or the place where gathers defense artillery. The surprise attack on the local weak defense may succeed, but it wants to speed.
Tanks can occasionally break up the bases. Each side has a different field advantage, which can be used against fast attacking dudes. Fight on the plan itself is nice, but you should be still prepared for side attacks from the surrounding hills (if carried by the enemies).
Southern hills
The most interesting and often decisive battles are conducted in the southern hills, particularly on the central peak. Who will win this part of the fight (and if not an hour after start of the game), usually wins whole game.
Bot Veh
Both types of armies are balanced.
The attack on the central peak
Attack the central peak. Combine diffrent types of units, into fight ussually more players are engaged, so keep fast robots, also standard crowd of ARM_hammers/CORE_thuds, ARM_snipers/CORE_morties, ARM_spy_bots, light artillery, anti-aircraft defense of short-range (long, if you plan to build ARM_guardian/CORE_punisher) and several construction robots (repairs, collecting materials from wrecks, LLT/AA building).
Tear down enemy factories by suprise tank attack
Sometimes happends, especially to players on the west side of the map, that they build their bot- and vehicle-factories on the plain. Then they are easily destroyable by attack of twenty vehicles (do it yourself or ask an ally on the north) and get an advantage in the struggle for Southern Hills.
Observe the north
Whenever it happens that the northern hill lightly defended (an enemy supported battle on the plain while ago or he siply don’t guard this part), send there fast robots for combat reconnaissance. If this part is well fortified, sometimes try to lure a couple of robots to fight under the hill. Some players let bot fight.. and die under the hill (or even attack you:) and you will weaken his army with small losses.

Pows killing Pepe on this map.
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