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Aberdeen3v3v3 (16×16)


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The narrow steep passages
There are four of them (three at the rivers and one in the middle of the map). They are basically deadly for all vehicles. They either drown in the water or die in the enemy’s fire when searching path.
Bot Veh
Robots are better than vehicles in all directions. The only meaningful use is for light artillery, flaks and heavy rocket vehicles of tech_lvl 2.
FFA tactics
Just watch fords and then just invest into the Air Force. A few dozen rocket robots can deal with any surprise ground attack, air force watch landings. The game usually ends when player_1 blitzbomb player_2 and player_3 totaly smash player_1 meanwhile with long-range plasma cannons (LRPCs). If player_1 have enough bombers and they are at least somewhat intelligently controlled, the player_1 usually wins.
How to outsmart player_1 (the one with the bombers)?
Becouse I’m mostly the player_3 (the one with big guns), I preventively rid of my opponents air superiority. On this map it is particularly easy, since the airspaces are small and very close each other, side by side. Just take 1-2 fighters and fly over the edge of enemy territory. Patrolling enemy air forces will follow you in that moment. There is nothing easier than to retreat back into your base and kill half of enemy airforce in fire of your anti-aircraft defense.
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