NOTA gamepack v6 here with NOTA 1.67!

NOTA game pack v6

New game pack V6 for Windows users including latest game + NotaLobby + last stable version of engine and many prepared GUI features. More info in changelog. Get it in Download section.

NOTA v1.67 inside pack

  • completely changed hitsphears of all planes
  • changed hitsphears of both shipyards – elipsoid => box
  • 50% reduction of dmg recived by hovers from torpedoes attacks
  • fix – Samurai added into hovertank armor class
  • +20% front armor for heavy tanks (Repaer, Goliath, Bulldog), +10% front armor for all light and medium tanks
  • heightmod 1.1 handicap for bug2 and Spore tower AA. Bug2 is unable to shoot high attitude planes and def burrow have big problems with it now
  • finished speedups for spacebugs
  • fixed some AA that was able to be force to attack ground (Equalizer, Panther, Hermes, Horgue, Swatter, Slinger)
  • fixed Jethro and Phalanx chasing ground units bug
  • fixed spacebugs Queen crushing own Hives and Spore towers and Commtowers
  • fixes spacebugs Queen was able to forceattack ground with AA missile

3 Responses to NOTA gamepack v6 here with NOTA 1.67!

  1. RobotJox says:

    Hey! Do ya plan superheavy bots in your GAME soon?!

  2. Malina says:

    There is already super heavy queen. Insane queen. Have you beaten her ?

  3. Pepe Ampere says:

    Depends what he considers “superheavy”. Krogoth can be called “superheavy”, but TA Escalation (Mega Annihilation) have another havier stuff.

    If he means robots big as robots of RobotJox, so we have Kroggy and Monstro Pod and we dont plan any bigger robots in near future.

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