New Game pack v5 released

NOTA game pack v5

New game pack V5 for Windows users including latest game + NotaLobby + last stable version of engine and many prepared GUI features. More info in changelog. Get it in Download section.

3 Responses to New Game pack v5 released

  1. Pepe Ampere says:

    Will be someone interested in minipack/ultralight pack? (that can be around 60-70 MB – no taunts, no map inside) Are you unhappy, that current lite pack has ~ 125 MB instead of 80 (before)? Tell me.

  2. Zero says:

    I’m not interested in smaller pack. I dont care about few megs :)

    By the way – bigger antispam limit for taunts and #nota channel as factory preset should be part of next gamepack.

  3. Pepe Ampere says:

    - add Taunts: i plan such change in next version with own settings
    - add channel: yes, good idea. Thx.

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