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Archers_valley_v5 (12×12)


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Small hills in the valley
Important strategic places. Each of them can be hold up for long time against 1.5 times bigger army.
Marginal mountains
Allow unexpected attacks, and support breakthroughs on the wings. Partly impassable due to huge height difference – but this height can be used by units sitting on the hill.
Bot Veh
Although it may seem that strategic foothold on the hills is all you need – and against the advancing front they work well. But sudden fast attacks of vehicles can pass through disturbed defense with surprisingly small losses. Light artillery works with the usuall strength here.
1v1, 2v2 tactic
Use Hammers_ARM/Thuds_CORE for capturing hills each after another (10-15 bots is the optimum, the more interferes each other). Still have your few quick inexpensive robots prepared to reflect the attacks on the wings. The Air Force also works for the same purpose, but cost a lot of time/resource to maintain it.
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